In an uncertain and ever changing world Blustar Security Solutions have a Closed Circuit Television security system to suit all our customers' needs no matter how large or small.

Our systems allow live streaming and monitoring from any PC, smart phone or tablet device across the internet; these include Analogue CCTV security systems with recording equipment for dome or bullet cameras which will be highly effective to deter any suspicious activity for daytime or nightime internal or external surveillance.

Our client's most popular choice of CCTV is our range of Internet Protocol High Definition CCTV security systems which offers much higher resolution and facial or vehicle registration recognition when compared to analogue systems if prosecution is an important action for our customers, which makes Blustar Security Solutions your ideal partner for your protection.

A worker installing a security camera.
Commercial CCTV
A security camera outrside in a city
External CCTV
Hi-resolution C C T V
Hi-Resolution CCTV
A phone and tablet computer
Stream on Any Device